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"Spirit" vise molded boss appliances ideas and products
    China -- real estate purchase platform with several real estate developers into the boss appliance recently, procurement platform with several real estate developers, investigation of boss electric Hangzhou headquarters and production base; the East in the investigation process, let the real estate enterprises to deeply understand the construction scheme of boss electric production capacity, service and standard the.
    China real estate purchasing platform for the delegation inspected the boss appliances at home is the most important social unit, but also let the house from simple building become the cornerstone of residential, become the spiritual harbor. A warm and convenient kitchen, is the core of a family. In December 18th,     China real estate purchasing platform with Chengdu, China Railway Real Estate Vanke, glorious property, three Sheng industry, Yurun Group and many other developers buy elite, first came to the Chinese electric kitchen brand leader -- the boss appliance headquarters in Hangzhou, close the experience of boss electric appliance enterprise culture -- "pliers" spirit, and cast in this spirit of product quality. The boss appliance was founded in 1979, is Chinese kitchen appliances industry leader, is by far the oldest professional kitchen appliances brand. From the first generation to create Chinese range hood, until today, has more than 35000000 households enjoying the boss appliances brought relaxed cooking life. In range hood market, sixteen years of the first sales achievement. Study of boss electric strategic account department account director Hong        Weiguang said: over the past 30 years, the boss has always been committed to the use of leading-edge technology and perfect and reliable quality, help China family and their kitchen to establish closer ties. The boss offer including the range hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet, household oven, steam oven, microwave oven, electric pressure cooker and other kitchen appliances overall solution. The boss of independent innovation has over 100 products patented technology, including double stiffness core, avoid unpick and wash, the main fire mid, 3D speed, back fire type sterilization etc.. Rich product line complete, personalized needs to match the real estate developers in the decoration project of.
    China real estate purchase platform delegation and in-depth exchanges of boss electric equipment at the same time, since 2010, the boss appliance of landing the capital market, has become China's first landing capital market for high-end kitchen electric enterprises, completed the "upgrade from manufacturing to create the transformation". Completed in 2012 Chinese kitchen appliances Innovation Industrial Park, with the industry's top custom flexible production system, Seiko manufacturing center, a national technology center, kitchen culture science and technology museum experience and full of intelligent logistics management system, the realization of their own the upgrading of the industrial chain reconstruction. In 2013, the boss again investment in the construction of the largest domestic kitchen electric manufacturing logistics comprehensive base. In product customization, such as logistics and distribution, but also to better docking developers gradually accelerate the circulation rhythm.
    China real estate purchasing platform for delegation visit China boss appliances kitchen appliances Innovation Industrial Park delegation from the boss appliance production workshop, to China kitchen appliances innovation industrial park. Personal feel of the "pliers" spirit forged product quality; have a profound experience drawing design kitchen electric new inspiration from Liangzhu culture. On the quality and innovation of boss electric equipment, have a new understanding.

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