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Further implement the strategy of technology innovation Create a drilling machinery well-known brands
    Tamp the foundation of diligence and achievements of the future
    Li Yongsheng, in 1983 graduated from the Shandong Institute of second line heat treatment process and equipment of the professional, the same year was assigned to work in the western part of a large state-owned enterprises, have successively held the posts of technician, technology leader, physical and chemical room director, deputy director, technology department Fu Zong, deputy general manager, engineer, production technology, the board of directors of the company, Party committee member. Li Yongsheng presided over the industry leading products for the research work, the service life of wearing parts in the industry leading level, and has won the provincial science and Technology Progress Award and outstanding new product award 12, award of progress of science and Technology Department 17, made an important contribution to improve our country rock drilling machinery products quality. In 2003 was named academic leaders, in 2005 was named the special allowance of the State Council Government, in 2006 is listed as the prefectural mothball cadre. Li Yongsheng is the executive director of the Institute of mechanical engineering, physical and chemical Inspection Association vice chairman, heat treatment Association executive director, China brazing a steel, Machinery Industry Association executive director of the association of construction machinery industry of bid evaluation experts, the provincial development and Reform        Commission of bid evaluation experts, engineering senior title of jury.
    The original Li Yongsheng company moving first Dachang tool industry for rock drilling machinery and industry research, industry, is the quality inspection center, industry, industry standardization committee of editorial board of the journal and the industry association is located in the business, he worked 25 years, director of technology work, has put forward and implemented a number of technological innovation 20, of which there are 17 items by the relevant departments of the awards, saving a lot of money for the factory, many technical problems solved, known as the leader of a new generation of college students, was recommended as the national excellent college student candidates, and was named the first top ten youth. He has presided over a number of provincial and implementation science and technology plan project, participated in the national major research projects by letter Committee Organization of research work, including 11 passed the provincial appraisal, in order to improve the mechanical and gas drilling in our country the basic components of the service life of pneumatic tools and improve the heavy drill, drill out the export quality made an important contribution, is the mechanical and gas drilling pneumatic tool industry of our country service life of wearing parts of talent introduction ushered in opportunities for enterprise development
    In 2008, Li Yongsheng led a leading R & D team came to Weifang to do poineering work, after a few years of hard work, he developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, with 28 patents have been authorized, three projects through the provincial level appraisal by the science and Technology Department of Shandong province and Shandong province classics is believed appoint organization of the United Nations, access to scientific and technological award of progress of small and medium enterprises in Shandong province has 2, Weifang science and technology progress award 2, and obtained the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of national and Shandong province science and technology innovation fund to support.
    In 2009, he presided over a "tunnel with high speed drilling machine technical renovation project" by the Shandong Provincial Commission by letter included in the provincial key support for the project, access to the provincial government guaranteed funds to support 20000000 yuan regulation. In 2010 the "tunneling with a high-speed drill project" to obtain the Innovation Fund for small and medium sized enterprises in Shandong province science and technology oriented SME Technology Innovation Fund and the Ministry of national science and technology support, manufacturing industry adjustment in Shandong province equipment revitalization plan (2009-2011 years), "drill technology reform" fifty-fourth column ", at the same time tunnel excavation with high speed drilling machine the project" was included in Weifang key technical innovation projects, "heavy connected rod failure analysis and included in Shandong province science and technology plan project" Research on service life improving and innovation fund support. High speed drilling machine of mine 7655 was included in the technical innovation project of Shandong Province, 3 years, received a total of government incentives and funding for a project 24, played a decisive role in the development of enterprises.
     Li Yongsheng in 2010 by the Weifang municipal Party committee, City Hall included in Weifang City high-level innovation and entrepreneurship support program, Li Yongsheng led the innovation and entrepreneurship team is Kuiwei area appoint, district government as high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talent team, and Weifang City Commission by letter identified as ten innovative 2010 year Weifang entrepreneurs. In 2011 Li Yongsheng won the three prize in the sixth session of Shandong province "invention Venture Award". "Tunnel with high speed drilling machine project" won the Weifang Municipal Science and technology progress two prize for science and technology and Kuiwei district progress award, "drill project" won the two prize of scientific and technological progress in Shandong province small and medium sized enterprises. In 2011 the "tunneling with a high-speed drill project" won the two prize, for outstanding new products in Shandong Province in 2012, Li Yongsheng in Shandong province was named the ten outstanding engineer.
    Innovative products to create famous brand of rock drilling machinery
    In 2008, Li Yongsheng led the team innovation starts high-speed rock drilling machine R & D tunneling, he solved a series of technical problems of high speed drilling machine, technology innovation more than 40, more than 10 patents. Drilling machine is a kind of engineering machinery, mainly used in tunneling and mining, construction, highway, railway, mine is essential in the construction of hydropower, its performance, directly determines the construction schedule, so it is a very important equipment in construction machinery. 
    Tunneling the company research and development with high speed drilling machine is currently on the market the highest recognition of rock drilling machinery products. Tunnel drilling equipment with high speed impact 2000 times per minute, the key parts to withstand high speed impact, torsion, the service condition is very bad, the key parts are damaged easily, so the service life of key parts are the key factors to the overall performance of high-speed drilling with the effect of tunnel excavation, is the bottleneck restricting the development of rock drilling machinery products. After hard work, in 2008 August to produce the first batch of rock drilling machine and put into Beijing Shanghai high-speed Tiexi thirsty construction site Ma section test, after repeated research trials, will greatly the service life of wearing parts to improve the drilling machine, in a leading position in domestic drilling machine industry.
    The piston is work key parts produce the impact energy of rock drilling machine, is one of the main vulnerable parts, piston service life directly determines the performance of the drill, Li Yongsheng personally to the construction site for the industrial test, the failure of the piston analysis one by one analysis, test and microstructure of hardened layer gradient, influence law analysis of carburized layer depth and microstructure of life, after parts materials testing, process optimization, industrial test, failure analysis, finally determined by carbon nickel chromium molybdenum vanadium steel alloy piston material, to replace the original medium carbon alloy steel, the service life of up to 6000 meters, much higher than the average service life of similar products in the domestic 2000 - 3000 meter.
    The spiral rod is one of the most vulnerable parts of rock drilling machine, it is in the process of working under the sliding friction, extrusion force and torque of the role. Therefore, the spiral rod service condition is very bad, the spiral rod at present domestic production are high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, but the claw is easy to fracture problems, seriously affecting the service life of the spiral rod. After repeated tests, successfully solved the fracture problem of the spiral rod, the cumulative footage have reached more than 6000 meters, by the user's consistent high praise.
    Bit tail set is wearing parts of rock drilling machine, after the completion of processing is pressed into the rotating sleeve installed to use, drilling in the use of drill, drill tail sleeve and the drill rod shank matched, and the drill rod in continuous impact, rotary piston under the action of the brazing tail set, is of great impact force, lead shank sleeve six party serious wear and tear, reduce the service life of drill tail sleeve. He made of carburizing steel shank sleeve study employed at home and abroad, the surface hardness, hardness in the center and the effective depth of hardening layer and microstructure were analyzed, found the reason of the failure of drill tail set, after the material and process test, optimization of shank sleeve material and the best heat treatment process, after processing, the technical indicators are in line with the requirements of heat treatment technology is made, through industrial test proves that the service life of more than 6000 meters, reached the requirements of the program for tackling key problems.
    In these years, the drilling machine technical improvement projects a total of 40 multinomial, obtained 19 patents of rock drilling machine, the drilling speed of the drill, various technical indicators of the service life of wearing parts, such as vibration and noise reached the industry-leading, become the domestic rock drill are most popular with users, and have some exports, 2011 was rated as brand-name products in Shandong Province, to become the industry's well-known brands.
     The innovation of management construction enterprise development environment
     In order to realize the sustainable development of enterprises, he put the improve their professional ability and professional quality is the priority among priorities, let them in practice growth ability. Promising young talents, to be in the full vigour of life, he is to take "increased pressure load" approach, intentionally put them to exercise management positions, let them give full play to the wisdom, growth ability, creative work, and strive to grow into the enterprise development indispensable talents, in just a few years, build out a good innovation and entrepreneurship and management team. Creative vitality to stimulate company of science and technology talents innovation, he constantly improve the incentive mechanism, formulated a series of security personnel and the innovation of incentive mechanism, the cognitive and the interests of the enterprise employees are highly consistent, and actively create a "unity, cooperation, fair competition," as the core of the culture of innovation, advocating the pursuit of truth, scaled new heights, tolerance failure, the unity cooperation spirit of innovation, strengthen the staff of the enterprise's identity and sense of belonging to the enterprise development, the firm confidence, that they really feel and the enterprise is "relations stand together through storm and stress, sharing weal and woe" convergence, thus consciously realize personal value goal and the enterprise goal.
    Go Ninglian corporate culture. He insisted on the construction of enterprise culture as the key factor in the development of enterprises. Through the gradual development of a few years, build up the enterprises "core values to build China's first brand" rock mechanical concept, to gather all the staff of the company thought. He continued to advocate, fully embody the "people-oriented" philosophy, adhere to rely on guidelines for all staff to do the enterprise wholeheartedly, respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, respect the staff's initiative spirit, efforts to build a development platform for the staff, to stimulate their enthusiasm, creativity and team spirit. The company is mainly responsible for people earnestly fulfill the requirements of person of the first responsibility of cultural construction strategy, seeking duties, ideas, methods, form a good atmosphere in unison, and seek common development.
    Wide cross-strait tide, the wind is Yifan hanging. The next step, LiYongsheng will lead the Tianrui heavy industries continue to implement the "technology innovation" strategy, continue to increase new product development efforts, to bring a team, formed an industry, the completion of drilling machinery R & D center leading goal in Weifang.

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